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53 Free Fonts for Commercial Use - Best for Designers

Free Fonts For commercial use Cover image Download Free Fonts

Are you a Graphic Designer or web developer?

I am sure you have come across a situation where finding a great looking legit font for your project becomes extremely difficult

The reason is that the marketplace has an abundance of fonts and most of them are quite unusable. Another problem is, Even if you find a good font then issues of licensing arise because most of them are restricted to personal use.

But here I have collected 53 handpicked awesome fonts which are totally free for commercial use. So you download free and legally use them in your logo designs, Business card designs, brochures, letterheads or any other type of graphics branding or web development projects etc. Link to each free font is given below preview image. 

These Commercial use typefaces are of High Quality and the font styles include Sans Serif, Serif, Slab-serif, Scripts and handwritten, Graffiti ,writings etc.

1.Peace Sans

Peace Sans Font Preview
Peace Sans Free Font Preview 
Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Sergey Ryadovy
Download Here: Peace Sans


Reckoner Font Preview
Reckoner Free Font Preview 

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Alex Dale
Download Here: Reckoner


Gagalin Font Preview
Gagalin Free Font Preview

Font Style:Comic Font
Designer: Iordanis Passas
Download Here: Gagalin

4.Diamor Script

Diamor script Font Preview
Diamor Script Free Font Preview

Font Style:Script
Designer: Deadlock studio
Download HereDiamor Script


Axis Font Preview
Axis Free font preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:  Jean Wojciechowski
Download HereAxis Type face


Anders Font Preview
Anders Free Font Preview

Font Style: Geometric
Designer:  Tom Anders
Download HereAnders


Agne Font Preview
Agne Free Font Preview

Font Style: Slab Serif
Designer: Cargoneblina
Download HereAgne


GARNATA font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Multiple Owner (on Behence)
Download HereGarnata

9.Aqua Grotesque

Aqua Grotesque Free Font Preview
AQUA Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Laura Pol
Download HereAqua Grotesque


Westmeath free font preview
WESTMEATH free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Twicolabs
Download HereWestMeath


Metria Free Font Preview
Metria Free Font Preview

Font Style: Geometric
Designer: Jake Lunde
Download HereMetria


Zwizz Free Font Preview
ZWIZZ Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Jake Lunde
Download HereZwizz


Alcubierre Free Font Preview
Alcubierre Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Jake Lunde
Download HereAlcubierre

14.Big John/ Slim Joe

Big John Slim Joe Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Multiple owners (on behence)
Download HereBig John-Slim Joe


tahu Free font preview
Tahu Free font Preview

Font Style: Hand Written
Designer: Khurasan
Download HereTahu Font


Aventura Free Font Preview
Aventura Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Jimmy Kalman
Download HereAventura


Sewstain free font preview
Sewstain free font preview

Font Style: Calligraphic/stylish
Designer: typesgal
Royalteas-color-is-violette free font preview
royalteas-color-is-violette free font preview 

Font Style: Geometric/stylish
Designer: Jundel Navvaro


Anvyl Free font preview
Anvyl free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif

Designer: Matt Wilson
Download HereAnvyl

20.Bluu Next

Bluu Next Free Font Preview
Bluu Next Free Font Preview

Font Style: Serif
Designer:Jean-Baptiste Morizot
Download HereBluu Next


Abster Free font preview
Abster Free Font Preview

Font Style: Minimal Sans Serif
Designer:Jean-Baptiste Morizot
Download HereAbster

22.Square Kids

Square Free Font Preview
Sqaure Kids Font Preview (This is final result which can be achieved using this font)

Font Style: Sans serif geometric
Designer: GrafitoDesign
Download HereSquare Kids


Glamor Free Font preview
Galmor Font Free Download

Font Style: Serif
Designer: Hendrick Rolandez
Download HereGlamor

24.Fabfelt Script

fabfelt script Free font for commercial use
Fabfelt Free font preview

Font Style: Script/handwritten
Designer: Despinoy Fabien
Download HereFabfelt Script

25.Bourbon Grotesque

Bourbon-Grotesque Free font preview
Bourbon-Grotesque free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Jeremy Vessey
Download HereBourbon Grotesque

26.Hamster Script

Hamster script free font preview
Hamster Script Free Font Preview

Font Style: Handwritten/script
Designer:Artimasa Studio
Download HereHamster script


Audrey Free Font Preview
Audrey Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer:Cristina Pagnotta
Download HereAudrey


Butler free font preview
Butler Free Font Preview

Font Style:Serif
Download HereButler

28.Blenda Script

Blenda script free font preview
Blenda Script Preview (This is final result which can be achieved using this font)

Font Style:Script
Designer:Seniors Studio
Download HereBlenda Script

Higher Free Font Preview
Higher Free Font Preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Marisa Passos
Download HereHigher


Melma Free Font Preview
Melma Free Font Preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Rafa Miguel
Download HereMelma

31.Multicolor (Illustrator File)

Multicolore Free Font Preview
Multicolor Free illustrator Font Preview ((This is final result which can be achieved using this font))

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Ivan Filipov
Download HereMulticolour (.Ai File)

32.Yeseva One Regular

Yeseva One Regular Free Font Preview
Yeseva one Regular Free Font Preview

Font Style:Serif
Designer:Jovanny Lemonad
Download HereYeseva One Regular

33.Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue Free Font Preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Dharma Type Foundry
Download HereBebas Neue


Amethsyt Free Font Preview
Amethyst Free Font Preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Patricia Lazaro
Download HereAmethsyt


Gogoia free font preview
Gogoia Free Font Preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Álvaro Thomáz
Download HereGogoia


Oranienbaum free font preview

Oranienbaum Free font preview

Font Style:Sans Serif
Designer:Multiple Owner(On Behence)
Download HereOranienbaum


Hammock font free preview
Hammock font free download

Font Style: Handwritten
Designer:Andreas Twardzik
Download HereHammock

Rounda free font preview
Rounda Free Font Preview

Font Style: Sans serif /rounded
Designer:Ina Dimitrova
Download HereRounda(.ai file)


Kodex  font free preview
Kodex Free font preview

Font Style: Sans serif.geometric
Designer:Manuel de Lignières
Download HereKodex


Rabelo free font preview
Rabelo Free font preview

Font Style: Sans serif
Designer: Unknown
Download HereRabelo


Vision free font preview
Vision free font preview

Font Style: Sans serif
Designer: Multiple owners ( on behence)
Download HereVision


Ellizabeth free signature font preview
Ellizabeth free signature font preview

Font Style: handwritten/script/signature font
Designer: Multiple owners ( on behence)
Download HereEllizabeth

43.Quartz Display

Quartz Display free font preview
Quartz Display Free Font Preview
Font Style: Serif
Designer: zaher almajed
Download HereQuartz Display


Prime free font preview
Prime free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif
Designer: Max Pirsky
Download HerePrime


Alivia free font preview
Alivia Free Font Preview

Font Style: Script/Handwritten
Designer: Kelly reed
Download HereAlivia


Koliko free font preview
Koliko free font download
Font Style: Sans Serif /Display font
Designer: Alex frukta
Download HereKOLIKÖ


Aller free font preview
Aler font free preview
Font Style: Sans Serif 
Designer: Dalton Maag ltd
Download HereAller


Atiba free font preview
Atiba Free Font Preview
Font Style: Sans Serif /Geometric
Designer: Ozan Karakoc
Download HereAtiba


Modeka font free preview
Modeka Free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif /Geometric
Designer: Multiple owners(on behence)
Download HereModeka


Matamata free font preview
Matamata free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif /Geometric
Designer: Dale Sattler
Download HereMatamata


Beyno font free preview
Beyno Font free preview

Font Style: Sans Serif /Geometric
Designer: Fnkfrsh on behence
Download HereBeyno


Coco free font preview
Coco Free font preview

Font Style: Sans Serif 
Designer: Hendrick Rolandez
Download HereCoco


Brooklyn Free font preview
Brooklyn font free preview

Font Style: Graffiti
Designer: paul reis
Download HereBrooklyn

NOTE:if you are owner or creater of any of these fonts and wish to remove it from this listing.Then please contact me .i will be more than happy to take it down.

If you find this article useful then please share with friends .

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